Writing Again

Back in August when I did my last progress report, I mentioned that I was almost done with my work on the character art (coloring and cleanup, mostly).  Well, I finished it a while back.  My plan was to immediately get back to the script writing but between moving to Hawaii, starting a new job, and some assorted other projects and events, my time to work on Aurora’s Nightmare was rather limited.  I did work with Badriel, overseeing the creation of the remaining background art and getting work started on the CGs, did some little improvements here and there to the character art, and a few other things.  And now, finally, I’m just starting to work regular writing into my schedule.

It’s interesting.  Despite being a writer, it’s been a while since I’ve done much serious story writing.  I’m rather looking forward to it.  But, knowing me, it could take anywhere from a couple more days to a week or two before I can really get myself back into the story.  I always need a similar adjustment period when starting a new story or getting back into an unfinished one after an extended break.  During that time, I am writing, but I get distracted easily and progress is slow.  Sooner or later though, I start to really get into the zone, at which point I enjoy the work more and progress through the story pretty swiftly (I’m a really fast writer when I get going).  So, if nothing comes up which stops me from writing regularly, I expect to make good progress.

As for the overall progress of the game, expect a post on that in the coming weeks…