As I mentioned in the status update a couple weeks back, all the music for Aurora’s Nightmare has been finished! So today, I thought I’d talk a little bit about the soundtrack. I started out by creating a list of musical tracks I wanted for the game. Some were character based tracks (keyed to scenes involving a specific character), others location based (for scenes set in a particular place), still others emotions (to help convey a particular feeling in certain scenes), and a couple were for specific events. I sent that, along with some additional details about the intended musical style, storyline, and where each particular track would be used, to my composer, Nick Pfisterer. He was then in charge of composing the tracks themselves, which I would then listen to and approve.

The final soundtrack consists of 20 songs, 18 loopable tracks for regular gameplay, an opening theme, and an ending theme. There’s a chance that I’ll add a 21st later on, but that’s only if I can get together enough additional funds to license a certain song I want to use as the main theme. But I’ll talk about that more in the future, if the opportunity arises.