Thinking About Sound

While it’s not the top priority right now, Aurora’s Nightmare will eventually need some sound effects and, as Melvin has some experience in that area, work on them may get underway in the not too distant future.  But before anyone can make the actual effects, I need to compile a list of what sounds are needed.

So how does that work?  Well, it’s essentially going through the game documents (mostly the script in this case) and taking notes on everything that could use an associated sound effect.  Now for a visual novel, the list isn’t going to be quite as extensive as it would be in many other types of games.  Since there aren’t many animations, I don’t need to play every single sound, just the ones that will really enhance the story.  For example, the Nightmares’ screech or the pounding of footsteps during a desperate sprint.
Aside from just making a list, I also have to make some notes about each affect so that the sound designer knows exactly what I’m going for and how long it should play.

At the moment though, the script for Aurora’s Nightmare isn’t finished yet, so I have to use what I have, along with some guess work based on my plans for the remainder of the script in order to compile the list.  And that’s the first step in how sound effects are made.