Progress Report: January 2017

And the blog is back! A week later than planned, but there’s been a lot going on. Now, let’s see how Aurora’s Nightmare is coming along…

Aurora's Nightmare Progress Chart: January 2017

Aurora’s Nightmare Progress Chart: January 2017

First up, the story. Honestly, there really hasn’t been a lot of progress on that front. Since the last update I: arranged for a fiancé visa, got married, had to do a big job search, moved all the way across the ocean and the county, started a new job, and had a son. That really limited my writing time. I’ve also been working on a couple of other projects that have taken priority, especially considering how slow some other aspects of development were going. However, now that things have settled a bit and progress on the other areas of AN has picked up (keep reading), I’ll be getting back to the writing very soon.

Character art? Well, the shading has made some progress. Not really as much as it should have but things are finally lining up in that regard. Both Brian and Melvin are now making steady progress, especially since the start of the year. If things continue the way they’re going now, it may actually be done fairly soon.

Background art is finished and has been for a while, so no changes there.

Moving on to the CGs… Almost half of them are finished, plus I’ve seen work-in-progress versions of all the rest, so hopefully the final ones won’t be too far behind.

Now the sound has seen some serious updates. For starters, I actually have several finalized music tracks, I’ve heard work-in-progress versions of a couple more, and I’ve been told that the rest of the soundtrack is nearing completion.
And it’s not just the music. Melvin has completed almost half of the sound effects, with more on the way.

And, finally, nothing new in regards to the final phase and potential additions.

So, where does that leave things? Well, even though the writing has been stalled due to a crazy combination of life events, it’s about to restart and, in the meantime, significant progress has been made on all other fronts. If things continue the way they are, I’ll likely have all the final art and sound assets in-hand within the next few months. And the demo… Well, I’ll talk more about that next week.