It’s been a really long time coming, but here’s the latest version of the progress chart.

AN Progress Chart

AN Progress Chart

So, what exactly has changed?

I’ve done a little editing and written a few more pages but the bar hasn’t really moved much over the past year since I’ve had a lot of other things taking up my time. Fortunately, I should have a lot more time over the coming months. Though I won’t be returning to the script until I’ve got the demo finished.

Character Art
Thanks to Katja, the shading is complete! So why is the bar only at 99%? Well, while all the poses have been shaded, I still need to make a few final tweaks and convert the images to the right format for use in game. But that’s a fairly short and simple task so it won’t be long now.

CG Art
I wasn’t the only one who got a lot busier over the past year. Badriel was in a sort of similar situation, which halted worked on the CGs for quite a while. On the bright side, things have improved on his end and he’s back at work. On the down side, progress will be a lot slower than it used to. Still, I hope to see steady progress on the remaining CGs soon.

Sound and Music
Music is another area that hit a long delay, but no I’ve got two more completed tracks, which is something, though a lot less than I’d like. According to Nick, the soundtrack is actually pretty far along, but there’s some software issues keeping him from sending me the final versions. Hopefully that’ll be resolved soon and this section will see some serious progress.

As for sound effects, Melvin probably had the worst year of all of us and, unfortunately, had to leave the team. So I’ll need to either hire someone new for sound effects, or do it myself. Fortunately, I have everything I need for the demo, so there’s no huge rush in that regard.

What’s next?
Well, work on the CG art and music should be ongoing. As for me, I’m just about ready to really jump into work on the demo. I’ll be starting by doing a last round of evaluation on my options and then make what will be a hopefully final decision over the next week or so. Then, I’ll do that last bit of work on the character art and start putting everything together in-engine. If nothing unexpected comes up, I should have some good news on that front in the not too distant future.