Development Progress: August 2018 – Part 2

Ok, let’s get on with the status update.  For a refresher, here’s the progress image, along with a bit of an update since last time.

AN Progress Chart Sep 2018

AN Progress Chart Sep 2018

No real progress in this section. I’ve done a little editing here and there, but progress on the remainder of the script is on hold until I finish he demo. That said, the demo is nearing completion so I hope to return to the writing before too long.

Character Art
As previously mentioned, the remainder of the character shading was finished early this year, so this entire section is done!

Background Art
This has been finished for ages, so nothing new to report.

CG Art
No progress here, unfortunately. I won’t need any of the remaining CGs for a while. But I do need to talk to Badriel and figure out if he’ll be able to resume work soon, or if I’m going to have to find a replacement.

Sound and Music
Big changes here! The sound effects were finished over the summer and I just got the remaining music tracks last night. This section is finished!

Final Phase
I bumped the compilation up a bit to reflect the work I’ve done on the demo in regards to both making scenes and learning the engine.

Potential Additions
Nothing to report here for now.

And that’s everything. There’s been some serious progress and I hope to have the demo ready for release in the not too distant future.