Spreading the Word

It used to be that making a game available for people to purchase was pretty difficult.  Now, it’s really easy.  The problem is that there’s so many games out there that most of them, even a lot of good ones, tend to get lost in the crowd.  It’s one thing if the game is being made by a famous studio, but for everyone else, it’s tough.  So how can I avoid that with Aurora’s Nightmare?  To be perfectly honest, I’m not entirely sure I can.  I’m got some plans to build up interest before launch (such as this blog) and some plans to build interest during and after launch (though it’s not time to talk about those yet).  But, honestly, there’s a lot of luck involved.  Word of mouth can slowly build and give you momentum.  Or if you can get the right person to do a review, or let’s play, or even tweet about your game, that can make all the difference.  But, unless you have personal connections with those people, that’s mostly luck as well.  You really just have to try everything you can, do your best, and keep your fingers crossed.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  You would think that the over all quality of the game would be a major factor but honestly that’s not always the case.  There are great games that get ignored and terrible games that become smash hits.

Of course, it’ll be a while yet before we see how things pan out for Aurora’s Nightmare.  Less if I decide to release the first route as an early access title or the like (which I am seriously considering), but that’s still not going to happen right away.  Maybe I’ll even come up with some new ideas or make some new connections in the meantime.  For now though, I need to put most of my focus on actually completing the game.