Current Status

Long story short, my main computer suddenly died (as in, major hardware failure) so I had to scramble to get a replacement and copy over all my files and software. Then the new computer died and needed some replacement parts, once of which was backordered. But now my new computer is up and running and everything seems to be working perfectly so there’s no more technical problems delaying my work.

So what’s going on with Aurora’s Nightmare right now? Honestly, not much. As previously explained, I’m currently writing a book (I’ll be announcing more details about that in the not too distant future) and, since I have a publishing contract and deadlines, that takes priority. It’s going well and should be done in January or February. Afterwards, I’ll need another month or two to finish another major writing project (also on a tight deadline). Once that’s finished, however, Aurora’s Nightmare will once again be my main project and will hopefully stay that way until it’s finished. Even better, my work schedule should lighten up a bit from then on, leaving me with even more time to spend on Aurora’s Nightmare.

So that’s how things are. I’ll try to keep updating the blog regularly every other week from now on, and you can expect to see big progress on Aurora’s Nightmare starting in the summer.