So You’ve Landed in a Fantasy World

Now that winter vacation is over, work is ramping up and this blog will return to its regular update schedule with a new post every other Sunday.  And while it’s a little off topic, I wanted to use this post to announce the launch of my new book, So You’ve Landed in a Fantasy World!  It’s the perfect thing to read while waiting for Aurora’s Nightmare.  Learn more below…

So You've Landed in a Fantasy World

So You’ve Landed in a Fantasy World

Today, it seems as if everyone from heroic-yet-angsty teenagers, to giggling schoolgirls, to bored middle-aged businessmen, to attractive housewives, are finding themselves whisked away to save distant worlds from some kind of unspeakable evil.  But how do you prepare for such an amazing adventure?  And, more importantly, how do you make it through without getting horribly maimed or killed along the way?  Fortunately, So You’ve Guides is here to help!

We’ve analyzed the accounts of numerous heroes who have traveled to magical lands and returned to tell the tale in order to create the definitive guide to survival and success no matter where in the fantasyverse your adventures may take you.  In these pages you’ll learn how to increase (or, if you prefer, decrease) your chances of successfully being chosen, what types of preparation and training you should undertake beforehand, and how to hit the ground running on arrival and become the legendary hero that you were always destined to be.*

*So You’ve Guides makes no guarantees of destined heroism and cannot be held liable if it turns out that you are instead destined to be eaten by a giant toad.

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