One thing I did over this past week was import a bunch of files into my game engine.  Basically, all the art and sound files I get have to be imported into the engine before I can use them.  That involves three steps.  First, I need to do any necessary editing.  For art, that generally means resizing it.  For sound, most of the files are ok as is, but I occasionally need to trim them or adjust the volume levels.  Step two is saving the files in the proper format.  That’s easy enough, but it can take a while if there’s a lot of files.  Finally, I need to load up the game engine and import everything.  The actual import process is pretty quick and easy, though organizing them can be a bit of a pain since my engine can’t copy an existing folder structure.

At this point, I should be pretty much done importing stuff for the demo.  There are some files that I haven’t put in yet, but that’s because they won’t be needed for the demo, so I’ll save that until I move on to the full game.