Scene Titles

Names tend to be one of the things I really struggle with as a writer. That usually doesn’t extend to titles, but there have been times when I’ve sat starting as a blank page for ages because I can’t come up with a good chapter title. Aurora’s Nightmare isn’t divided into formal chapters (most visual novels aren’t), but it is divided into a very large number of scenes. Those scenes have both names and numbers, primarily intended for internal reference. That said, I recently went back through all the material I’d written so far (in preparation for continuing work on the script) and found that I was really happy with many of those scene titles. If I end up releasing my flowchart, people will be able to see them there, but it would be a shame if I can’t work those titles into the game itself. At very least, I’d like to have them displayed in the save menu and when skipping previously read scenes. It’s a minor issue, but I do think that they add a nice little touch to many of the scenes.