Demo Progress

Updates are back on an every other week schedule.  There’s been a lot of progress made on the full game and I’ll try to have a really detailed progress report finished soon.  For now, here’s a quick status update on the demo.

I got a lot of work done on the demo at the start of summer, completing most of the common route (the opening part of the game before it splits into different major story routes (though only one route is available in the demo).  Unfortunately, since then a whole lot of other things have kept my busy and I haven’t really touched the demo much.  Though I have been supervising work on other parts of the game, especially the sound effects (now finished) and music (close to finished).

I should (hopefully) be able to get back to work on the demo pretty soon.  My next goal is to playtest everything I’ve done so far and make sure it all works the way I planned.  Assuming that’s all good, I’ll be clear to assemble the remaining scenes.  Not quite sure how long that will take.  I’d still love to get the demo out this summer but, considering everything that’s going on, it’ll probably slip until sometime in the fall.