Planning for Sound Effects

One part of Aurora’s Nightmare that I really haven’t written much about is the sound effects, which, along with the music, make up the audio portion of the experience. In video games, sound effects usually don’t stand out much (with a few exceptions, such as some of the classic Mario sounds) but are vital to creating the proper atmosphere and experience.

So why haven’t I written about them? Well, to be honest, I haven’t really done any work on the sound effects yet. The reason being that I don’t know what sound effects I’ll need. I could try and make a list, but I’d no doubt have to change it a lot later. Instead, I’m holding off on sound effects until the script (or at least the first draft) is finished. At that point, it will be simple enough to read through it and compile a complete list of necessary sound effects. As for what happens once I have the list, well I’ll save that for a future post.