Progress Report: Oct 2019

Here’s the latest version of the progress chart.

Aurora's Nightmare Progress Chart Oct 2019
Aurora’s Night Progress Chart Oct 2019

As promised, the new progress chart. It’s been quite a while so, what’s changed?

The amount of writing has increased slightly, but no major changes there. What has advanced pretty significantly is the editing. In preparation for the launch of the demo, with Elizabeth’s help, I did some pretty serious editing and revising to everything that’s been written so far. At this point, I’d say that it’s either in its final or at least near final form. On that note, my next goal for AN is to finish writing the first route so this is the area that should see the most progress next time.

CG Art
A few more images have been completed but, at the same time, the total number of images has gone up slightly. Unfortunately, it’s looking like Badriel will not be able to complete the remaining CGs. So, unless that changes, I need to search for a new CG artist. Depending on how that search goes, this area could progress either very quickly or stall for a while.

Final Phase
Compilation has moved up to 25% due to the work on the demo. That doesn’t really mean that the demo encompasses 25% of the game (probably more like 10% – 15%), but it’s a combination of the demo length plus the various setup and backend work that went into it.
I’ve also moved bug testing to 50% due to the demo work. Once again, this isn’t due so much to the length of the demo, but rather all the bugs I found and fixed in regards to the main systems and interface.

So that’s how things stand. Next step is finishing the first route and, hopefully, finding a new artist to finish the remaining CGs.