Meet the Team

Josiah Lebowitz
Roles: Design, Story Writing, Production, Art Cleanup and Coloring
Josiah is a writer and game designer with a passion for creating interesting stories.  His past projects include the game Car Washer: Summer of the Ninja, tie-in novellas for EverQuest Next, the book Interactive Storytelling for Video Games, and The Verities Silex fantasy trilogy.

Hanbee Lee
Role: Character Art
Hanbee is an aspiring manga artist from Tokyo, Japan.  Aurora’s Nightmare is her first professional project.

Brian Morris
Character Shading
Though his focus is more on English than art, as a visual novel fan and longtime friend of Josiah’s, Brian offered to help out with Aurora’s Nightmare.

 Background Art and CGs
Badriel is a talented environmental artist who has worked on a number of visual novels and other titles.

Katja Swann
Character Shading
Katja is one of Josiah’s students, studying game art and design.  She joined Aurora’s Nightmare to help finish the character shading.

Ye Sun Kim
Additional Artwork
Ye Sun was one of Josiah’s students, studying game art and design and contributed a couple final pieces of artwork.

Leila Le
CG Art
Leila was also one of Josiah’s students.  She specializes in 2D art and illustration and joined Aurora’s Nightmare to help complete the CGs.

Melvin Reyes
Character Shading, Sound Effects
Melvin was one of Josiah’s game design students and started working on Aurora’s Nightmare as an internship.

Jacob Sirotta
Sound Effects
Jacob was one of Josiah’s students, studying game programming and design.  He also does sound design and joined the team to help finish the sound effects.

Nick Pfisterer
Roles: Music
Nick is an indie game designer and composer, and a friend of Josiah’s from university.

Elizabeth Siebold
Editor, Junior Designer
Elizabeth was one of Josiah’s students, studying English and game design. She’s a talented writer with a passion for game stories and joined the team to help with editing and game design.