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Josiah Lebowitz is a writer and game designer. He currently operates his own indie studio (Pen and Sword Games) while teaching game design and doing contract work for various other companies. His past projects include tie-in novellas for EverQuest Next, the game Car Washer: Summer of the Ninja, and the books Interactive Storytelling for Video Games and The Verities Silex trilogy.

Little Updates

I’ve gotten a bit of feedback on some excerpts from the Aurora’s Nightmare script recently and, while a few suggestions were made, it was quite positive overall.  Hopefully I’ll soon find the time to get the demo done, after which it can go out to testers and then the general public.  Unfortunately, things have been much busier than I expected, so I haven’t made much progress on that front, but my schedule should open up more in a week or two, so I’m hoping to really get back into things after that.