Why a blog?

So why did I decide to keep this dev blog?  Well, while I do enjoy writing about my projects, the main reason was for publicity.  Marketing has never been one of my strongest points, and I really wanted to do better with Aurora’s Nightmare.  Well, this blog is the first part of that.  A way to start drumming up interest while the game is still in development.  And I’ve got more plans later on.  The one problem with this blog is that Aurora’s Nightmare has taken a lot longer than I thought to complete.  Not so much because of the work required, but because it’s often had to take a backseat to higher priority projects such as my day job, contract work, and now my MFA.  And, as a result, sometimes it feels like there isn’t all that much left to write about here.  But anyway, that’s the story in a nut shell and I haven’t run out of things to write about yet so keep checking back for new entries every (or almost every) week.