Stretch Goals

I believe I mentioned before that I’ve been considering running a crowdfunding campaign (Kickstarter or similar) once the demo launches.  Not to fund the game itself (I have enough money set aside to finish it), but to get some money for extra features.  Basically, jumping right to the stretch goals.

So what kind of things would I be looking to fund?  Additional art and music is always an option.  And I’d love to license a certain theme song.  Maybe an animated opening movie (though that would be expensive).  I’ve also go an idea for an additional route.  Another good option would be porting the game to other platforms, with iPad, Vita, and 3DS topping the list.

Is there anything else you’d like to see in Aurora’s Nightmare?  Fancy 3D models?  Voice acting?  Adult scenes?  Kidding on the last one (well, maybe if I got a whole lot of money…). But anyway, if you have suggestions feel free to get in touch ( PenAndSwordGames ( at ) gmail (period) com ) and let me know.