Demo Planning

While the development for Aurora’s Nightmare has certainly gone slower than I originally planned, for a number of reasons, it is progressing and I’m hoping to get a demo out later this year.  For quite a while now, I’ve known what portion of the game (more or less) I want to feature in the demo and that part of the script is all finished and ready to go (well, I’ll probably give it another editing pass first.

The background art for that part of the story is all done, as are the main CGs.  I am waiting on a couple CG variations, but I could just save them for the full release.  That’s pretty much where things stand with the character art as well.  I have enough to get by for that part of the story, but not all the ones I’d like to use.

Music and sound effects are the main sticking points at the moment, though quite a lot of those will hopefully be finished soon.

What comes once all the pieces are done?  Loading them into the engine and compiling it all into a single playable game.  Quite a lot of that is going to involve synching up all the visual and audio cues with the text.  Not especially difficult, though it’ll take some time.  Then, a bit of beta testing and it’ll be ready to go.

Of course, aside from only containing a relatively small part of the story, the demo will be different from the final game in a number of ways.  It might be missing some art and sounds that’ll be added in the final version, the script will go through some more rounds of editing, and, finally, the interface will probably be a work in progress version.

But anyway, more on that as it comes closer to completion…