Coming up…

So what’s going on with Aurora’s Nightmare right now?

Well, work on the character shading and sound effects is progressing (not as fast as I’d like, but progress is progress).  I’ll hopefully have the latest files from both of those areas soon, so I’ll have a better idea of exactly where things stand.

All the main CG art for the common route and first route is complete.  I’m waiting on a few variations and then it’s on to route two (of three).

The music…  It’s actually supposed to be finished any day now, though it’s hit some delays in the past, so I can’t say for sure it’ll stay on schedule.  We’ll see.

And the script?  Not much progress for a while due to all the craziness in my life over the past months, but that’s settling down so I should be back to work on it soon, and there’s already a decent chunk that’s been written.

So things are moving along, a little slowly (as usual, unfortunately), but moving.  And I expect the pace to pick up quite a bit a little later in the year.  Expect a more detailed progress chart in the future.