Tia’s Advice Corner

In a previous post, I mentioned that one thing I learned from Fate/Stay Night is to have fun with bad endings. So, when you get a bad ending in Aurora’s Nightmare you’ll be able to visit Tia’s Advice Corner. There’s a different advice corner scene for each bad ending in the game where Tia (and the occasional other character) will talk about the story, the other characters, the decisions you made, and the like.

Some of the scenes will offer practical advice to help you avoid that bad ending the next time around, especially for the endings that aren’t as simple as going back to the last decision point and making a different choice. Others will provide some interesting commentary on various plot points. But, for the most parts, the Advice Corner scenes will be more comedic in nature, providing a change of pace compared to the rather serious main story.

In case you’re wondering, the Advice Corner scenes will be out of character. They happen outside of the story and will feature lots of fourth wall breaking and the like. The goal is to make them fun to read, potentially even encouraging players to seek out the bad endings just to see what happens. For that matter, I might take another page from Fate and add in a few special bonus scenes that can only be unlocked by viewing a certain number of bad endings, but I haven’t made a decision about that yet…