Summer Time

Spring semester is over and that means summer.  Normally, I’d have a lot of free time which I’d use to get some work done and do a bit of traveling.  This summer…it’s a bit up in the air.  While I will have more free time, I’ll likely be studying for my second masters all summer, so that’ll take some time.  Then there’s an ongoing issue I’ve been having all year which will likely keep me fairly busy for the next week or two and then sporadically after that.  And it, plus a couple other things that are going on, are making any potential travel plans pretty uncertain as well.

So what does that mean for Aurora’s Nightmare?  Well, after finishing the next batch of work related to that issue, I can divide my time between the MFA and Aurora’s Nightmare.  Though there’s a couple variables that could come into play later on.  But anyway, work on the shading, CGs, and music will continue and I should be able to make some more progress on the script.  And, hopefully, the demo, as the material needed for it is getting closer and closer to completion.  As always, weekly (or at least mostly weekly) updates will be posted here to keep you updated.