Release Dates

No, I’m not announcing a release date for Aurora’s Nightmare.  Actually, one nice thing about casual indie development like I do is that there’s really no pressure to set a firm release date very far in advance.  Sure it’s nice to have a target but, as mentioned in the previous post, I don’t have any full time employees.  Heck, I’m not even full time.  I’d love to put six or eight hours a day into Aurora’s Nightmare, but that just isn’t possible right now.  At best, I can often do two or three.  And I never know when something more important might come up, forcing me, or one of the others, to stop working on it entirely for a while.

Simply put, with such an uncertain schedule, announcing a release date at any point before the game is nearly finished would be pointless, since it would almost certainly be wrong.

So when will Aurora’s Nightmare be released?  I was originally hoping late this year, though that’s pretty unlikely at this point.  I might still be able to get a demo done though.  A 2016 release is possible (and what’s I’m really hoping for), but it’s looking like I’m going to have a lot of unavoidable extra work starting this fall and likely running to mid 2017 or so (long story short, I’ll be getting another master’s degree), which will likely slow things down a bit.

Anyway, work on Aurora’s Nightmare will continue and, once I do have a release date worked out, I’ll be sure to announce it here.