Work on Aurora’s Nightmare continues, but what platforms are you going to be able to play it on when it’s done?  Well, the initial platform is PC.  Aside from the fact that most visual novels are on PC, it’s also the cheapest and easiest platform to develop for.  But I don’t plan to stop there.  I should be able to get an Android version together without too much extra cost or effort.  Though, due to the amount of text, it won’t be very well suited for phone sized screens.  It should work nicely on tablets though, and I think visual novels would be a perfect fit for high end ebook readers like Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Will there be more?  Possibly.  I don’t think visual novels are a very good fit for home consoles (like the PS4), but they do work nicely on portable ones.  So I could see Aurora’s Nightmare getting released on the 3DS and/or Vita.  But that’s easier said than done.  Aside from working things out with Nintendo and/or Sony, I’d need to get a dev kit, resize all the art, get an ESRB rating, and quite likely reprogram the entire engine.  And all that stuff not only takes time but a decent bit of money too.

So whether or not 3DS or Vita versions happen will likely depend on how successful the PC and/or Android versions are.  It’s definitely a possibility, but if you’re interested in Aurora’s Nightmare, I highly recommend getting the PC version (or maybe waiting a little longer for the Android one), rather than waiting a lot longer for console versions that may or may not come.