Navigating the Story

For those of you who are new to visual novels, you might wonder how it works when you want to replay the story and try making different decisions.  Well, for one thing, you’ll get quite a lot of save points, so you can jump back and forth between them as needed.  More importantly though, the game tracks every scene you’ve completed, ending you’ve reached, and the like across all play throughs.  Some of that will be tied to unlocking various content, but you’ll also be able to skip over any scene you’ve previously read.  So whether you’re just going back to an old save or all the way to the start of the game, it won’t take you too long to get to whatever decision point you want.
There are a couple of ways this skipping can work.  Most visual novels basically just throw the game into fast forward (with the text advancing automatically).  Others, like Fate/Stay Night, pop up a title card of sorts at the start of each section and give you the option to skip the scene or play it normally.  I have yet to decide which approach to take with Aurora’s Nightmare, but it’ll certainly have one of them.  Of course, if you want to reread the story normally, you can do that as well.