Musical Inspiration

Often when I’m working on a story, I end up with a song or two that serves as musical inspiration and a sort of unofficial theme song.  Sometimes I get the actual story idea from the song, and sometimes I just find a song that I think fits well with the story.

So what about for Aurora’s Nightmare?  Well, when I was first planning out the story, Hotel California by The Eagles was a big inspiration…at least for one particular scene.  See if you can figure out which scene when you play the game.  I didn’t make it too obvious, but I left a couple of hints that shouldn’t be hard to spot if you’re looking.

But, once I decided to make Aurora’s Nightmare into a visual novel and got to work on the script, I found another song.  Specifically, My Heart is Broken by Evanescence.  It’s a really good song in and of itself but, when I listened to it, it was like the lyrics had been written for Aurora’s Nightmare.  They just fit the story so well…  I’d explain how, but that would be spoilers.  Actually, I’d like to license My Heart is Broken and make it the game’s theme song for real.  Though, unless Amy Lee reads this and decides to give me a discount, it’s not really in the budget right now.  Never say never though…