Since I talked about the flowchart last time, I figured I’d give you guys a peak at what it actually looks like. Here’s a small part of the chart that I recently completed. If you don’t want any spoilers for the story you can skip over the image but don’t worry, I made sure to choose a section that doesn’t give away much of anything.

AN Partial Flowchart

AN Partial Flowchart

Naturally, Aurora’s Nightmare is in development so things are subject to change in the final game.

Anyway, note that this is only one day from one of the story paths, so it’s only a tiny portion of the full flowchart. That said, not every day in the game is as long and complex as this one is. In fact, some days are skipped entirely because nothing of that happens on them. So don’t expect the story to always advance from Day 1 to Day 2 to Day 3, etc. There will be occasional jumps.
In case you’re wondering, this particular day is a fairly low key one, focused mostly on character development without any suspense or action scenes. It takes place in the second half of the story path and comes not long after a much more intense part of the story. It’s sort of meant to give the characters (and players) time to rest and reflect before things start to get crazy again…

For now, the chart is for my own reference, but I may release it to the public as a walkthrough of sorts at some point after Aurora’s Nightmare launces.