Demo Progress: January 2017

Now that I’ve talked about overall progress, how is the demo coming? Well, I’ve already written the script for the portion of the game which will be featured in the demo. So that’s taken care of.

Sound? Well, all the must have sound effects for the demo are done and the “not necessary but nice to have” ones are in the works. I am still waiting on a number of music tracks, though I can release the demo with only a partial soundtrack. Even in that case though, I’ll need a few more tracks than I have now.

Art? I’ve got the necessary backgrounds and CGs. I am waiting on a couple variations of some CGs, but I can always save them for the full game. And that leaves character shading. That’s…actually getting close. There are two more characters I really need to have fully shaded, but both are currently in progress. And there’s two more that are in the nice but not necessary category.

So that’s how things are right now. Once I get the remaining music and shaded character art, I’ll move on to compiling everything and actually creating the demo. Not quite sure how long that phase will take, but probably not more than a month or two if I have a decent amount of time to devote to it. Naturally, I’ll be sure to keep you updated.