Demo Plans

So, last time I went over the current status of the game as a whole. But what about a demo? Well, I have a section of the game picked out to be made into a demo. The script for that section is finished (the first draft, at least), as is all the background art. CGs… Maybe half of them. Though, seeing as it’s just a demo, I don’t mind leaving out a few CGs if necessary. Most of the necessary demo character art is done, but not all of it. So that’s one hold up. The other is, of course, the music. While I don’t need the full soundtrack, I do need at least a few tracks for the demo.

Once I have the necessary character art and music, the demo should come together pretty quickly. Hopefully, by the end of the year. But it’ll depend a lot on how successful I am at finding people to help with the shading (I have a couple of options) and a composer (I need to start a search soon). Naturally, I’ll be sure to post updates here on the dev blog so just keep checking back.