Demo Plans

While I’m still waiting for a few pieces of music and character art, I’m hoping to have them in hand soon (hoping being the key word, but I’m going to get them before long one way or another) and I really want to get the demo done. I should have a lot of free time over winter break so my plan is to play around with both Visual Novel Maker and RenPy, decide which one looks like the best fit, and them use it to build the demo (at which point I can, if needed, reevaluate and switch to the other engine for the final game). So, if all goes well, I should have the demo available, at least for beta testers, late this year or early next year. If you’re wondering, yes I do plan to beta test the demo before releasing it to the general public to check for bugs, typos, etc. But I don’t anticipate the test taking too long since it’s just a demo. On that note, while I already have some beta testers ready to go, if you’re interested in testing the demo, feel free to send me a message, introduce yourself, and let me know why you’d like to be a tester and I’ll consider adding you to the list.