An Exciting Summer

I’ll be traveling for the next couple of months, but weekly updates on this blog should continue as normal.  I can’t promise I won’t miss an update at some point, but it’s unlikely.

If you want to read about my travels, I’ll be keeping travelogues over at Pebble Version (another web site of mine).  But that aside, it’s an exciting summer for Aurora’s Nightmare as well.  I’ve got people lined up to do both the music and background art over the coming months so, assuming nothing comes up, that’s two important elements taken care of.  I’ll talk more about those people and what exactly they’re doing once I’ve got some completed music and backgrounds to show off.
On my end, I’ve only got three characters left that need the cleanup and coloring treatment before I can finally say goodbye to that part of the process and switch all my focus to writing the rest of the script.  I’m planning to put some serious time into those characters over the next few weeks (during the more laidback part of my vacation).  I’m hoping to have them all finished before the end of May.  But even if I don’t quite pull that off, there shouldn’t be much left by that point.
The way things are going, it looks like I should be able to release a demo in the fall or winter.  And, after that, the rest of the game should fall into place fairly quickly.  Naturally, keep checking this blog for all the latest news.