A Different Emotion

As a writer, I’ve had to write scenes that convey many different kinds of emotions.  Joy, sorrow, anger, mystery, etc.  A good writer should be able to make his readers feel the correct emotion in each scene.  In many cases, it’s the same emotion that the characters are feeling.  Though, in other cases, the reader has different knowledge and/or values than the characters and, as such, is supposed to respond to the scene in another way.

However, there’s one emotion I haven’t worked with much and that’s fear.  My previous stories haven’t had strong elements of horror or suspense.  Aurora’s Nightmare, on the other hand, while not horror, is supposed to be suspenseful and, at times, rather scary.  Writing scenes that properly convey those emotions is an interesting learning experience for me.  Of course, like any good writer, I learn something new with every story I write.  This time, it’s how to write scary scenes.  I just need to do my best and hope I learn that lesson well.