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Old News

5/6/2015: Car Washer: Summer of the Ninja Coming Soon to Seam!
It's been a VERY long time coming, but I'm thrilled to announce that Car Washer has been Greenlit and will be coming to Steam!!! We hope to release the Steam version (with exclusive new features like achievements and trading cards) later this summer. Keep an eye on this page or the Car Washer web site and Facebook page for future announcements.

1/28/2014: Aurora's Nightmare Dev Blog
Check out the new dev blog for our upcoming game, Aurora's Nightmare! New updates every Sunday.

10/4/2013: Car Washer on Amazon
Our award winning game, Car Washer: Summer of the Ninja, can now be purchased from Amazon!

8/6/2013: EverQuest Next
While not a strictly Pen & Sword related project, I was hired earlier this year to write tie-in novellas for Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming MMORPG, EverQuest Next! They should be showing up on the site's ebook page sometime in the not too distant future.

12/19/2012: Guardian of the Stone Free Promo:
If you missed it the last time, Guardian of the Stone, the first volumn of my Verities Silex fantasy trilogy, is a free on Amazon through Sunday! You can read it on any Mac or PC (with the free Kindle software), with the Kindle ap on any smart phone, or on an actual Kindle.

9/21/2012: Car Washer Xbox 360 Super Sale!:
For a limited time, Car Washer is available for only 80 MS Points in the Indie section of Xbox Live.

8/30/2010: Car Washer is on Steam Greenlight!
Car Washer is now up for voting on Steam Greenlight! If you've got a Steam account, and would like to see Car Washer on Steam, log in and give it a thumbs up, and maybe a favorite.

8/6/2012: Car Washer Update and Sale, Now on the 360!
The updated version of Car Washer is now available on the 360! As, as part of our summer sale, the price has been temporarily reduced to 240 MS Points! If you already have Car Washer on the 360, you should get a prompt to download the new version when you connect to Xbox Live.

7/6/2012: The Verities Silex Trilogy, Now Available on Kindle
I'm pleased to announce that my teen fantasy trilogy, The Verities Silex, is no available on Kindle! Book 1, Guardian of the Stone, will be available for FREE as a special promotion from Monday July 9 - Friday July 13, after which it will be available at the special introductory prices of $0.99. Books 2 and 3 (Defender of the Lost and Someone to Love) are available for $5.99 each. The money earned from the books will go to support the release of additional novels and the development of my next game, Aurora's Nightmare.

5/22/2012: An Anime Fan's Guide To Japan Update:
Unfortunately, the Kickstarter drive for An Anime Fan's Guide to Japan was not successful. However, I have gotten some interest from other sources and it's still something I'd love to do so expect me to revisit it at some point in the future.

5/6/2012: Car Washer Update and Sale!
Car Washer has been updated with improved tutorials, easier goals for several levels, and a few other minor improvements. If you already purchased the game, you can redownload it to get the new version (saved games won't be affected). Even better, it's now 50% off during our super summer sale!

4/27/2012: Teaser Images
Here's some character art (pre editing and coloring) of the three main characters from our upcoming game, Aurora's Nightmare. Presenting the three main characters Ars, Tia, and Aurora, drawn by the talented Hanbee Lee.

4/21/2012: An Anime Fan's Guide to Japan Now on Kickstarter!
While Pen and Sword Games is primarily a game studio, and work is continuing on our next title, Aurora's Nightmare, it also covers various other projects that I (Josiah) am involved in. On that note, I'm running a Kickstarter drive for a new side project of mine, a Japan travel guide geared towards anime, manga, and video game fans. Check it out and tell your friends!

3/24/2012: Complete Soundtrack Now Available!
Car Washer: Soundtrack of the Ninja, the complete soundtrack from the game, is now available for purchase from Bandcamp.

3/13/2012: Car Washer is on the Xbox 360!!!
Car Washer: Summer of the Ninja is now available in the indie section of Xbox Live! Get it today for only 400 Microsoft Points.

2/13/2012: Car Washer: Summer of the Ninja, Now on Sale!!!
Car Washer: Summer of the Ninja is now available from the new Pen and Sword Games online store for only $5! Plus, if you purchase Car Washer between now and March 17th, you'll receive a copy of the complete soundtrack absolutely free!
Check back soon for more exciting Car Washer news, inclduing the details of the upcoming Xbox 360 release.

2/5/2012: Huge Car Washer Update!
The Car Washer: Summer of the Ninja site had undergone a major update! There's a brand new demo available for download, along with a large collection of screenshots and a trailer (which is also on Youtube).

1/26/2012: Welcome to Pen and Sword Games!
I'm pleased to announce the formation of Pen and Sword Games, an independent video game development studio dedicated to creating fun games with memorable stories. Our first game, the award winning Car Washer: Summer of the Ninja, will be released in early February. Our second game, Aurora's Nightmare, is tentatively schedule for a summer release. Visit the Games page to learn more!
-Josiah Lebowitz

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