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A Strategy Guide

Visual novels don’t really need much in the way of walkthrough or strategy guide. Though sometimes the more complex ones, such as Fate/Stay Night, are easier to navigate with a flowchart or some such that shows how all the story scenes and decision points connect. To be perfectly honest, while I usually don’t use strategy guides my first time though a game (with the Pokémon series being the main exception), I’ll often use a flowchart when I go through larger visual novels to make sure I don’t miss any scenes. Especially ones that have complicated triggers.

Once Aurora’s Nightmare is finished, I’m kind of tempted to release the flowchart I made for development, since it will work just as well for players. I don’t think I’d include it with the game, or even on the official web site, but I might stick it on GameFAQs… Or I could just wait for players to make their own. Well, I’ve still got some time to think about it…