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Josiah Lebowitz is a writer and game designer. He currently operates his own indie studio (Pen and Sword Games) while teaching game design and doing contract work for various other companies. His past projects include tie-in novellas for EverQuest Next, the game Car Washer: Summer of the Ninja, and the books Interactive Storytelling for Video Games and The Verities Silex trilogy.

A Physical Release?

When I have nothing against downloadable games (and have quite a large collection of them), I always prefer physical releases when available. So what about Aurora’s Nightmare? Well, the initial release is definitely going to be digital. It’s just a whole lot cheaper and simpler to manage. That said, I’m not entirely ruling out a physical release. If I end up doing a crowdfunding campaign to finance extra content (which is likely), I’ll probably create a limited number of physical copies of the PC version as backer rewards and maybe some convention sales or some such. Beyond that, it’s hard to say. But, if the campaign is successful enough or, once the game is completed, sales are high enough to justify a console release, I’ll certainly look into the viability of a physical release (with cost probably being the main determining factor).